Party Podcast number 4

* Resop2

* Junki

* Rokun

* Chibs

* Some commentary on the Satoyama movement concert that was going on concurrently on uStream.

* Koharu scandalizes the idol world on a radio show

* Gotou Maki comes up with a weird statistic that gives her some cred in a new demographic

* There is a second installment in the Momochi cosplay pr0n series.  Is it any good?

* Is S/Mileage turning into a "boyfriend" group?

* Mano graduates, scores huge new gig

* The Juice is loose!

* #1 single for MM

* #1 MM single quiz

* Reina's new band has a name

* Bad news from Chisato

* BK to tour somewhat scary country

* Fantasy producer corner


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